I am desperately trying to move on after my husband’s death. It has been nine months. The week after my husband’s death I went into super efficient mode and phoned everyone and notified them of my husband’s death. But even now I am having to fight different companies who have been putting charges on my credit card in my husband’s name. He was the secondary on my credit card and I made sure he was taken off straight away. Ok after a fight I am getting the money back but it is so wearing to have to fight over the phone all the time. It just sends me spiralling back down again and I just think is there no end to the Admin side of things?. I just want to be able to heal, but I don’t think I will ever get over this, we had such a happy life but now everyday is a struggle and I just exist in misery going from one miserable day to the next.

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Oh I do feel for you because I had a problem with our bank and finished by writing to the CEO otherwise I think I would still be having problems. They are very apologetic but still continue. I know you and I are not alone but I don’t understand why it happens. Most companies have a department dealing with bereavement but they seem in affective. I do hope you can get through this and see an end were you can say that it’s over. You sound very sensible so don’t let them get you down. Keep going and it does make you feel that if you can deal with this then you can deal with anything. Sxx

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I’m having the same problem with my Halifax credit card. When I went to inform one of our banks my husband had died the bereavement team made a mistake and registered me dead too. I have spent three days this week sorting it out and making myself alive. I’m nervous about using the card in case it doesn’t work again. They have paid me compensation but its the heartache it causes everytime you are reminded your husband is dead.

I’m also waiting for Royal Mail to approve the widows pension , he died in February this year . They have misplaced forms posted (registered post) my marriage certificate back to the wrong address and I’m still no further.

I’m away this week but if I haven’t heard from Royal mail pensions and my card doesn’t work I’m going in with all guns blazing, I can understand a mistake but not incompetence.


Thank you so much, sending love to you.