Advice for a young widow

My husband passed away just over 4 weeks ago. He is only 35 and I’m 33. We were married in July but have been together for 9 years. He passed away when we should have been on our honeymoon. He wasn’t even ill for a very long time. He started to feel ill at the end of June and I just can’t beleive that something could take him so quickly, we both thought it was just a blip and that he would be home soon. We didn’t get the wedding we wanted because of covid so had planned to have a big party where we renew our vows, we also planned to start a family next year. I’m not really sure what to do with my life now. I can’t really see the point of carrying on. Since the funeral I can’t even get out of bed. I wondered if there are any other young widows on here (although I hate to be called a widow). How did you find strength to carry on?


Bwhy,so very sorry and thank you for sharing. Grief is hard and doesn’t look at age, gender or anything, it’s hard and horrible. We all on here know how you are feeling but yes being younger is an advantage but also a drew back. It’s not that long ago, like you it didn’t want to be bothered to get out of bed or get dressed or go shopping for food or drink. It is so very difficult to change your mind set. What made me move, not sure. I think it could have been that voice saying ‘I think you are being silly’ not sure we’re the voice comes from, my soulmate or just my mind but I still hear it if I start to be silly about things. Take baby steps and start to feel proud of yourself for making small improvements. You will get through this, keep coming back to the site because we are always here for you. So in the morning make yourself do something, anything it doesn’t matter what so long as you move and do something. Sending big hugs and lots of wishes. Life will improve, trust me. S xx