Advice for my mum

My mum isn’t very tech savvy so I thought I would jump on here on her behalf.

Was just looking to find out how others cope with losing their partner? Did they join many groups? I have seen Jolly Dollies ( is it?) and Way Up and just wondered if anyone would reccomend them?

I just want to make sure she has access to the best possible suppprt.

Many thanks


Hi, what a lovely person you are for thinking about your mum and how to help her move forward, Baby steps. It’s a hard path for her. I have joined Rock Choir, there are lots of widows there and singing is a great way to release tension and anxiety. We sing great songs, do charity sings., I have even been away with them. I have also joined The Ramblers. I walk most weekends and there is a choice of short and long walks. I find walking great for my mental health as I think of nothing else . We walk through woodland and frequently picnic in the woods. You will find both of these groups on the internet.

Thank you for your response.

I hadn’t thought of Rock Choir and it’s defo something that she would be interested in.

She likes walking too and I know they have a rambling group in her village. Thanks xx

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