Advice needed -loss of a parent

My dad passed away in May. I went back to work in July, and have been doing relatively ok. I am up and down, I have very little tolerance and my resilience is low but have been managing ok. The last couple of weeks I have been really struggling and have hit a wall today. It feel like I’m reliving the grief… 5 months in but all of a sudden it feels like he died yesterday. Is this normal to feel like this?

@miwo42 Sounds pretty normal to me. My Dad died in March & I’ve experienced everything going emotionally since then. Some days are really worse than others. When it comes to grieving, I don’t think there is a norm. You go thru what you go thru to process it & it’s horrible. I think keeping busy helps tho, if only to distract yourself from your loss.


Dad died in July. I have been ok (i even started Sober October two weeks early) but today i can’t stop crying. Mowed grass done loads of washing kept busy. I miss him so much. He was 91 and no illness. He just got tired. I miss his grumpy Yorkshire stubborness xx