Advice on crying all the time

I have found the advice & encouragement on this grpup invaluable. I have realised there is no ‘normal’ grief & everyone is different. I am lucky our local hospice hold a bereavement cafe for newly bereaved, every month & I will certainly go along. I was given a very good piece of advice by the Registrar who registered my beloved man’s passing. She said you never get over this but you learn to live a different way. Today for me is a good day, I am remembering my man with happy thoughts & am glad he was in my life for so long. I take comfort that he is no longer in pain & I still feel him around me occasionally. I have a very big birthday coming up in a few weeks, not sure how I’m going to deal with that. Have lots of friends & family around, but sometimes just want to be on my own. Yes I still cry and had 3 very bad days last week. I am determined to honour my man by trying to do what he would want me to, and if I have a cry, so what.


It is so hard but it is the process we all have to go through. Early days though and
everybody grieves differently of couse.
Get as much support as you can. It will not take the pain away but we all need family, friends or other groups to help us through.
You will get through this one day at a time.