Advice please

Am staying at my sisters for a few days,this is the first day, she has been at work today and came home at lunchtime which I told her she didnt need to do she came home this evening I greeted her at the door then I went and sat in living room,I heard a lot of bangING around and later asked her what it was she said she was tidying g she asked me if I wanted to eat in lounge or kit hen and I replied we will have it in kitchen as I was about to get up she said can you get off laptop I’ve been at work all day thought you would of sat in kitchen with me whilst I cooked just wanted some company.I have now reacted to that as thought it was pathetic what she said it was only a stir fry doesn’t take long and was going to go and eat it with her when ready.I am now so upset don’t need this and told her this before I came to stay as she does make a fuss over things but can’t admit to this.sorry I didn’t join this sight to talk about things like this but people who havn’t lost don’t realise that people who have don’t care about small stupid things.sorry again

Hi skylark my advice is to 1 either put her straight i.e dont order me around or 2 go home where you can do what you want when you want .Im in complete control of where i go and id advise you to be the same ,Our special club to me is the place where we all can offload no matter what the subject is .If people cant offload to people that are in this nightmare or have been to me thats not right .You can pm me as can anyone else on here Colin

Hello Debbie. Maybe your sister has already apologised to you by now and things are ok. I’m sure that when people don’t see you physically crying they think you are managing well. When in fact we are screaming inside. Our personal radar is forever altered and the only thing on it is managing to get to the end of the night. We are just not in the - what do they call - the same “headspace” as anyone else. People don’t get that unless, as you say, they have no experience. It’s probably down to thoughtlessness rather than malace on your sisters part but either way it’s not nice, you are not exactly asking for much are you. It’s hard to suggest what to do, you don’t need the stress of dealing with a fued on top of everything else. I hope you have made up since and you are both ok - but it’s you that’s important at this time. Take care.

Thanks Colin and Tina for replying I’m going home now don’t want to be on my own but got no sister lives in a lovely town she thought it would be good for me to get away.I was nice and calm yesterday even wrote a tip on this site even though it was a small is cruel