Can I ask for advice my brother died without a will as only 47 he had split up from his partner over a year and a bit ago due to alcohol and the loss of our bro had 3 kids with partner they were never married who is next of kin our mum or his kids as they have blocked me from all contact when my bro lived with me.i have sorted everything out as my mum can’t walk or do anything luv Jo xxx

Dear @Jokerdave47

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your brother.

If I am understanding your advice correctly, you are asking about your brother not having a Will. I apologise if I have misunderstood this.

I have had a look on Google and the Citizens Advice have helpful information for you to understand what to do when there is no Will.

Citizens Advice

I hope this is of help to you.

Take care.


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I’m sorry for your loss
I was never married to my partner so when he died suddenly without a will
I had a nightmare to sort out his affairs which I did not need
In a nut shell if his name is on their birth certificate I think his children will be the next of kin
I assumed because I was with my partner for over 25 years I was his next of kin
The banks would not talk to me about his affairs
Everything was sent to his son

Living with someone gives you no rights as I found out
So if you are not married definitely make a will
It will save you the pain and heartache

I hope this has helped
And I wish you all the best

Thank you I’m still not sure as my brother was split up from partner for last year and a bit which is why he was living with and our mum.they had 3 kids oldest is 17.his ex partner stopped my bro from seeing kids as he was an alcoholic which I understand but then wouldn’t let me see kids as it was upsetting them.she has cut me off completely so I cannot get in touch with her or kids he has a pension which I would give to kids anyway only about 3,000 pounds and has nothing else so wot do I do luv Jo xxxx


I would think his estate would go to probate then they would get in touch with his children
But I’m not a solicitor but I know when my husband died when I told his pension I had to give the details of his children so that they could get in touch with them
So if she doesn’t know about the pension then they won’t know who to contact so nobody gets his money

You might be better off going to citizen advice as like I said I’m not a solicitor

I hope this helps
Once again I am so sorry for your loss
Take care

His pension is all he had it will cost me 300 pounds to get probate why should I pay for that as already paid for funeral I want his kids to have it but can’t afford £300 for probate but thank you luv Jo xxxx