Hi everyone I came across this group via face book so can I ask before post would people friends etc see what post in here ?

Hi @ShellD1,
This group is only for people, like you and I, who have registered for the site. Nothing is published elsewhere.
If you have opted for notifications then emails will pop up when comments have been made but other than that everything is kept within the group.
It is a safe place to come to read others posts and create your own or comment on others or just be with those who have lost someone and know you are not alone. Take comfort that although everyone’s situation is different we are all grieving and being here helps in different way. You will feel the care and compassion of others. Post whenever you are ready and there will be someone there.

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Hi @ShellD1 .

All posts are visible and can be read by non-members. The only posts not visible to others are private messages.

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