Advise please

Just wanted abit of advice about the dark days, just been looking through my photos of my mam and sobbing now, been 7 weeks but how the hell do we do this. I just have no motivation for anything and beginning to wonder when il ever feel bit more like me.
I don’t want this new life, just want my mam back :cry: :sleepy:


I so know …
after five years, I feel same.

it sounds like you were very close.

that is very little time. for one year, you must cloister yourself, as much as possible. there was a reason why in the old days there was a year of mourning.

that was the length of time people needed and still need, to heal, to reenter society.

today, we are not allowed that luxury.

so take care of yourself as you will need time.

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Thankyou, yes you feel now like you have to get on with it…
Impossible though, our lives are totally different from the moment you loose a parent.
Take care of yourself x