Advise - post mortem results

It has been a considerable time now 10/7/23. And I still have no cause of death. When can I ask or expect the post mortem results in Glasgow ?

Hi @Laura270768

I live in England so I’m not sure if things are different here.

My husband had to have a post mortem as he passed suddenly and unexpectedly. We had the interim results the same day to say that it was unascertained. They issued an interim certificate so that we could close accounts, go ahead with funeral, etc. and said that we would have to wait up to 6 months for the results of toxicology & biopsies. If those results are still unascertained then we would have an inquest.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard nothing or if you have the interim certificate and it is the final certificate that you’re waiting for? I’m also unsure if things are different in Glasgow.

I would advise you to contact the Coroner’s Office for an update. :heart:

My partner passed suddenly in June, we’ve got an inquest date for January. The wait is the worst as it’s hard to grieve when you don’t know what happened. Sending you so much love

I have been advised by the procurater fiscals office the report was ready on the 23-01-24 6 months later it was available and I did not want it then to be sent to my home address as my 22 year old may have seen it. I arranged for it to be sent to my GP. The receptionist told me they didn’t have it to go back to the court. It’s been a total mess for 8 months.

I don’t even know why the PM was done. No suspicion circumstances.