Hi my mum passed away in March last year she went into hospital with a badwater infection it is coming to the time wen she was admitted to hospital I couldn’t go with because of covid me and my brother and sister and family couldn’t visit her we spoke on a phone but as she got weaker she couldn’t talk we were all aloud in to see her the day b4 she passed I didn’t really recognise her laying there I wish I could have done more and noticed she was ill b4 she was ill I spoke to her everyday and took shopping once a week I miss herso much she was my best friend

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Dear Aed

I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mum last March and in such very difficult circumstances. It is brave of you to reach out and put your feelings on this forum. There are others suffering loss too and I hope that their experiences can help you.

As the first anniversary of a loved one’s passing looms, all those feelings of loss and the experience itself comes back as if it was yesterday. This is incredibly hard but many people feel this and it sets them back a while, especially with someone close like a mum.

It is less than a year since she passed and that is no time at all in the scheme of things. Keep writing on here and if you want help please let us know.

best wishes


It’s really affecting me today I miss her so much we are having a get together on her 1st anniversary to celebrate her life and so people can come who couldn’t go to her funeral as was only allowed 30 people that was hard as alot of people loved her I can feel her and smell her perfume someday so I know she is with me xxx

I’m sorry you are feeling your loss today, but as you say, you feel your mum is near and that must mean so much. I think a memorial on her birthday sounds a great idea and you can do so much more to remind you of what she was to you all, from music she loved to friends and family laughter and memories. Put your energies into planning what you will do to mark the day. Thinking of you. Miche24 x