After 18 months

18 months on from my husband death after 50 years together
What I miss : His loud voice and ready booming laughter. His silly jokes. His big hugs. Him saying “you look nice” His fussing such as when I was later than I said which drove me mad at the time. His enjoyment of our grandchildren. His love of his 3 daughters. Being able to share the events and worries of the day with hime. The doing things together. Seeing him enjoying working in our garden. Watching favourite TV programmes with him. Little holidays together. His loving help when I was unwell. Knowing that he always loved me. Although life is full of good things and happy momements I often still ache to have him back when home on my own. Hope to see him again in God’s garden xx


Morning Henrietta

My Mum and Dad were together for over forty year when she lost my lovely dad. It upset me so much to see my mum walk alone. My Mum passed away in March and I feel happy knowing my mum is now with my Dad and Brother x

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