After the inquest

I had my sons inquest yesterday, accidental drugs overdose was what the coroner decided.
Before the inquest I thought I was doing ok some of the time, however today I feel I’ve gone back 6 months to the day I found him.
I think the inquest was intense and heard so many things it has made me so numb.
I can’t stop crying
I don’t want to see anyone
I feel emotionally drained.
If anyone else has had an inquest did you feel like this
Is this normal…I have no idea what normal is anymore
I feel I’m existing again
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, anything would be appreciated
Thank you
You are my life line in understanding as no one else does xx


I’m not surprised you are feeling this way, it must be utterly horrendous and heartbreaking for you. I’ve no advice, as not been through it personally, but I’d imagine you are reliving the trauma alongside all the grief xx


How are you feeling today @MJG ?

I haven’t had an inquest for my son yet but I can imagine how you are feeling.

I’d guess it’s like those early days of loss all over again .

So I’d say back to basics . Minute by minute. Hour by hour , get out in the lovely nature you have on your doorstep.
Only see people who will help and not those that don’t .

Most important be kind to yourself and don’t put any unrealistic expectations on yourself .

Big hugs



Yes I felt like I lost my Mum all over again after her inquest. I felt like they were digging it all up for me again!

I decided not to go to the inquest but the week before they sent me the inquest documents and I was sent home from work because there was too much to take in and it overwhelmed me.

They had already decided on a cause for death and I still can’t work out why the inquest still went ahead but some how having it confirmed made it worse x

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Feeling bit better today thank you.
Back to minute by minute. Feels so vivid again but I don’t regret going.
Been for walk in the rain this evening.
Hope you are coping…guess that’s all we can do xx

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Glad you are feeling better today, well better than yesterday, I don’t think anyone who has lost a child will ever feel okay again 100%. We have lost our babies no matter that they were adults , take care x

I e had awful flashbacks this morning and woke up crying. I think the inquest has made everything saw raw again.just need to start processing everything again. How are you feeling today, take care xx

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