Airway obstruction and Stridor

Does anyone has got experience as of airway obstruction and stridor due to Lymphedema?? Swollen epiglottis and swelling of tongue?? So you could not get air into your lungs and brains oxygen level as you deserve?? You know several hours swollen tongue and gasping for air .And getting told to clear off out of side ‘ because you do disturb? Experience do talk and fire spread just like that.My husband who only was 59 years old but old enough to decided to live a normal healthy life. Apparently he wanted to die so people say.Of course after an 8 hrs major operation cancer removed and good prognosis.Apart from Lymphedema.I did have a handsome husband, very skilled carpenter and decent dad.My husband knew he got stitched up locally here.Threats but not cancer threats, only.So many people trying to convince me not to do something about it to find out what really happened and why my husbands death was not prevented.Basicly trying to tell me ‘ my husband wouldn’t be worth it fight for.Different opinions not knowing anything about that actual cancer of mouth and Lymphedema etc.I think they are jealous of my husband and always will be.But I am not the only one who thinks normal ‘ for instance someone who works for the German Embassy in London, who knows this case , and has got photos of my dead husbands body/ PEG and his neck swelling, advices me and welcomes that to get this sorted.How can people laugh about things like that and offer me male replacement to get me some social life.Some Neighbours could not wait that my husband and myself split for good.Even had the nerve and offered me a lift and sympathy card with flowers, waiting for gold and glitter talk.You know the jokes about German women, which I am .Disgusting .And even putting their noses into legal business of mine.Sweet talking my two children, and causing domestic issues, looking over my shoulder and keep knocking my glass door. It’s just two years since my husband died ( negligence) and potential abnormal people thinking I should forget about my husband, and thinking to date.Playing nanny and knowing nothing.Would you drop your husbands because of others ???