Alan, I wish that it had been you

I thought I saw you in a crowd.
He walked like you, his stance was proud.
His hair was the same, his profile too,
I really thought he could be you.
Then I remembered you are gone, my heart felt flat as I walked on.
I see your face where ever I go, guess I just thought you should know.
I hear your laugh and see your smile, you’ve only been gone for just a short while.
I miss you more than words can say.
I wish that it had been you I saw today.


The day my husband died I was driving to see the grandson and thought it was my husband at the traffic lights in front of me. I waved but the bike drove off. I thought no bother will see you soon. Only it was not my husband, he was never to return home, never got the opportunity to say goodbye. The pain getting too much to bear.


@sad2 @Sheila26 I am so sorry for your loss and the heartache you are going through I lost my soulmate pauline in April our lives are not the same without them we are just existing I feel like I stopped living as soon as I was told she had died we had 20years and 8 months together but however long we have with them its never enough they were and are the loves of our lives and always will be it seems to get harder with each passing day and the days feel so long sending you hugs and strength for this horrendous journey we are now on god bless us all and our lost loves stay safe take care x

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Sheila26 and Casey1. A lovely poem by Trisha Yearwood Iwanted to share with youx

I Remember You
I can picture you like in a photograph
I can see your smile, I can hear your laugh
No, I don’t have to look back, I remember you
When I’m alone you’re all around
I tell you things, I talk out loud
Ever since you left the ground, I remember you
You can ask the sun, you can ask the moon
Every day that goes by I remember you
And even when I close my eyes
Like a dream, you come back to life
I can’t escape your love, your light, I remember you
And I know some day, only God knows when
I’ll touch your face and I’ll breath again
And life goes on, so until then I remember you


@sad2 thankyou for sharing that is beautiful and so touching and so true their love is all around us x

Oh to have them back and be part of our lives.
“If only” … the saddest words in the English language.


@sad2 I totally agree if only we could

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Another lovely poem - Eternal Love ( by Alan E. Owen)

The blue skies turn to grey.
No more stories.
You’ve gone away.

The echoes of your smile,
Your kindness, your love.
Everything that made life worthwhile
Crashed down like a dove.

But memories will never fade.
Like a light that guides me,
Your love, your beauty
Will always find me…


@sad2 that’s beautiful