Alexander atwick

Sadly my nan and grandad passed away I have mental health issues I’m on sertaline for my mental Health I live with my mum we moved house in February 2021 because My nan and grandad passed away I helped my mum look after my nan and grandad My grandad had dementia me and my mum promised my nan to look after my grandad until he passed away

Hello Alexander.
I’m really sorry to have read what you have been through with the loss of your grandparents. I understand a bit of what you may have experienced with your Grandad as I sadly lost a parent to Alzheimer’s a month ago. It’s an awful situation for the sufferer and their families, as with any illness. I already had anxiety and depression and recently have become so overwhelmed that I have leant on the Samaritans and the Mental Health Crisis service. I don’t know if you feel they could help you, but it’s always an option Keeping things bottled up is so painful, I hope there are people you can confide in. There are plenty of us here that understand and Im sure you’ll receive a lot of support. Sending compassionate thoughts and take care.

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I’m in contact with My mental health crisis services and I also contacted the samaritans before Christmas I also have autism since I was 11 years old