I’ve read so many heartbreaking stories here today. My prayers go out to you all as I struggle with living with my husband who is addicted to alcohol and food. Made life absolute hell where I haven’t wanted to live especially as we have two disabled children and a special needs granddaughter that he hasn’t the capability to understand mostly just used. Fifty years of it is like a daily bereavement nightmare


Hi @Lizg

Welcome to the Community. Have you considered having a chat to someone to how you feel.

Sometimes it is good just to have a listening ear and the following organisations are wonderful for this.

I would like to direct you to the Samaritans on 116 123 or Shout by text on 85258

Take care.

So sorry you are having to deal with all that on your own. So often mothers have to take it all on don’t they . Have you tried Al anon help for family’s of alcoholics ? But then I don’t suppose you have the time. Hope you can find support some where . X

I have amazing support from my friends who I met through church which at present I cannot attend due to Covid. Thankfully they are really understanding ThankYou for taking the time to write so kindly

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I can imagine but please take care of you I’m so sorry love :sparkling_heart: annie x

ThankYou Annie We have now been handed notice from
Our landlord as his ex wife wants her financial share of the property which is valued at half a million £
so are moving on 7/8th February
A real task moving a full four bedroom house but have been extremely blessed to find a property suitable for us all only ten ministers drive away so I am still near and handy to help my disabled daughter

Thinking of you send my love annie x x x