All in the same boat

I have been reading a lot of posts today and it is comforting to know that what I am thinking/feeling are normal and I am not going mad. I feel such empathy and warmth coming from all on the site and just wish we could meet up and talk, have a coffee or just a hug.

Hi Annie,I don’t think I have seen you on here before but agree with what you have said regards this site.Do they have any groups near you unfortunately I don’t, but there are groups all over the country for people in our positions to meet others in simular situations. Skylark.

Hi Annie and Skylark
Meeting groups are difficult to find I know but some churches run bereavement groups and you don’t have to be a practising member of their church either. Worth a try getting in touch with a local vicar, priest, parish office, Sally Army or whatever.
Best wishes to everyone

I’m with you there ! Life after loss is such a lonely place …,the support from this group is great but nothing like an acctual person there , wish u well

I agree, I did enquire at Cruse but they don’t have anything up here in my area. My next door neighbour lost her husband this year and we have a real empathy now, but I would love to be able to meet up with a group of people. In the meantime, this website is keeping me going.

Dear All,
Thanks for your replies. I am living at my sisters at the moment and there is a group that meets once a month in a church hall in Petersfield. But just to chat to someone in person once a week would be nice, or am I being greedy. I am moving to Aldershot this year and will look for groups in that area. We will just have to keep on chatting!

Best wishes and strength to all


Annie you not being greedy i go to Cruse it works for me i ramble stutter cry its a release valve .Because everyday the nightmare is still there .Isit alone every night trying to balance my life .

Dear Colin thanks for your reply. I hate to think of you sitting alone with your grief at night. Nights are the worst as there is nothing to take your mind of your loss. I looked at photos of our wedding yesterday which took place two years ago even though we had been together twenty eight years! Kevin looked so happy and we had a really beautiful day. I am so glad we got married now. Still can’t believe my handsome man has gone. I am sure you feel the same. Please message whenever you like. I am sure there is a light at the end of this tunnel but I can’t see it yet!

Take care


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