All of the lonely people

Which includes me :slight_smile:
The weather is so grey and gloomy. I get so melancholic. I miss my mom so much. She was so smart and I wished I had listened and honored her opinion, more.

There is a man who was interested in me but too interested. I rejected him. But he sends group emails of worthy topics and today I did respond.

I just think of other lonely people reaching out online and what if no one writes back and it is so sad. So I wrote back … not meaning to be a “come-on” just to be a human being.

It was probably wrong because there were problems but I am quite lonely myself.
Appropos of nothing. Just lonely.

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If you go in to anything with your eyes open and with no massive expectations…what harm would it do to respond.

Nothing is set in stone, there are no plans that can’t be cancelled or rescheduled….

Well done you for at least taking a chance x

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Well done its something I feel I would like but it takes nerve to actually take the jump to try a better future well done I hope I can be as brave good luck anne