All the things I wanted to say and do with my mum

I’m having such a bad day missing my mum. I’ve been tears all day.
For a very long time I’ve so wanted to see my mum face to face and say the things I’ve wanted to say and do. It’s killing me


we sure do bang up ourselves with grief, guilt and torment. I know our parents do not want that. but I have done it a lot. it is not good and neither helpful but we end up taking bad feelings and turning them on ourselves.

grief counseling helped me a lot. I am years out now and it took a long time. but when you catch yourself banging on yourself, go for a walk in nature. your parent would want you to. thing is: one day we shall pass. our time is valuable, too.

and bad emotions can lead to bad eating, drinking, lazing before the t.v.

it is hard but try to stop and instead think of good things too. otherwise the good things are for naught.