All time low

Feel like i have hitten rock bottom… my heart is absolutely broken i miss my mum so much she was my best friend. I think of her every second of the day. Dont really want to go out i find it too upsetting especially when i see mums and daughters together i am so jealous… cant sleep…feel like my life is over…what do i have to look forward to now? Nothing!!

Hi devastated, ditto to your post. I am so sad when you say life is over though. I know it feels like that after prolonged torment but you need to keep a grasp on what you have left for your own sanity. You mentioned in another post that you had kids, is that right.

You have everything to look forward to. I feel your pain too but deep down I know that I want to see my kids settled, to have their own kids and I dearly look forward to that.
You do too, it’s just hard to see all that through the pain that consumes you for now.

It’s all a journey, shame that it takes the toll that it does isn’t it? You just need to go day by day. Our Mum’s were precious and losing them has left a gaping wound that will need time to heal. Just look after yourself, don’t give in to despair, talk to the professionals if you need to.

Thinking of you and sending warmest of wishes, please take care…x

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