All too much

I lost my Mum on Christmas Eve 2021, somewhat unexpectedly (Mum didn’t recover after surgery removing a brain tumour). I’m struggling to cope, feel guilty, & now worry about my dad/husband/dog/job as security taken away in losing mum. It’s only been 7 weeks but I’m already starting to feel that people are moving on (I’m back at work more or less full time, even though I can’t be bothered). Just feel lost, & a bit like everything is pointless, but I know Mum would be so upset if she could see me being like this.


Hi Katie,

What an awful time you’re having just now and sorry to hear about the loss of your mum.

The lack of security feeling is relatable as you’ve just lost the person who made sense to your life. The person who perhaps knew you better than you knew yourself and knowing that she’s gone is going to shatter your confidence etc as they were invincible. It’s a shock then to find out that they’re not :cry: x
People move on very quickly I found out even those I didn’t think would so rather than dwelling on it I’m trying to show gratitude that they were in my life and now their job has been completed so moving on. Not going to lie as feel a lot let down by some but it doesn’t do me any good to be bitter so trying to rise above it.

I’m sorry to read that you too feel that some have moved on too quickly and as regards work can you or have you done a phased return back into the business?

Hope you have a restful night and take care of yourself,

Suzanne x