Almost 6years later, is it normal?

I lost my father very suddenly 5 years ago (6 this October), but I feel like I still haven’t accepted it. I keep thinking that one day he’s going to walk through the door, even though I know he’s not. Does that make sense? I was in my early teens at the time, and supported the family, particularly my mother and younger sister, acting as a rock. The following Spring, we moved house, and I haven’t been back to the area since.
More recently(April 2016), I lost my great gran - she was a wonderful woman; raised me to age 5. Her death hit me, though I have never once cried since my father… But again, when I visit home, I keep expecting her to be there, and once or twice I’ve almost asked where she was.
I think, what I’m really wondering, is if I’m the only one that’s developed this seemng inability to accept it all. Surely, after 6 years, I should’ve moved on?

Hello JH997. I lost my Dad at just age 10 so can’t really comment from your point of view as losses mean different things at different ages I think. When you experienced yours you may have been already experiencing emotional stress simply going from a child to a teen, having to be strong for your family and then you had another stress factor a while after with moving out of the area. Maybe at the time the grief process was interrupted or things have got suppressed over time causing difficulties in the present. I don’t feel I dealt with my dad dying when I was 10 and I think underneath even now there are things that should have been addressed at the time. There are members far, far more experienced than me to comment and when your post is seen you will likely get more responses and people may know of organisations you can contact for advice. Sorry to read about your great gran which was quite recent. Take care.

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