Alone and disabled

My husband died in an accident in November 2020. We had no children and all my family live abroad. I’ve only ever had sight in my right eye which is very myopic. I have now been told that I may lose the sight in that eye as well unless I have a series of injections in that eye. I’m absolutely petrified of these and about possible side effects. I’m quite alone to deal with this. I have friends in this country but don’t want to burden them with my condition. I haven’t told my family either; they have enough issues to deal with. I thought my life was finished when Steve died. My deteriorating eye sight feels like another bereavement. My worst fear is losing my independance and needing help with the simplest of tasks. My first injection is on Thursday. Thank you for any comforting comments.


Oh @Rita2
This must be terrifying. Losing eyesight would be my worst nightmare too and I’m so squeamish about my eyes. I had a torn retina a couple of years ago and Richard took me to A&E then back for treatment the next day. He couldn’t come in with me due to the COVID restrictions and I found that so hard.
I feel sure someone in your life would rather know and be able to hold your hand through this ordeal.
Failing that you have your online friends here to support you in any way we can. xxx


@Rita2 I had an eye appointment scheduled which turned out to be 4 days after my wife’s funeral. It was at the same hospital where she had died 3 weeks earlier. I went with great difficulty as without correction I would have lost my driving licence. I assume you will be a day case and you will need a lift home. Ask a friend for that simple favour. They will almost certainly chat to you about what is to be done as well. You will not be a burden, just a friend who needs a little help in a time of need.


I developed Graves Disease in 2012 and shortly afterwards Thyroid Eye Disease and for several years had poppy eyes and a squint, necessitating in radiotherapy, steroids and six eye operations at Moorfields. I’m still left with double vision but able to drive whilst wearing glasses. It takes an hour for them to settle in the morning. My husband was a great support during to me. I’d confide in your family and friends so you don’t carry the burden alone. I’m sure they would be only too pleased to support you. I hope all goes well with your treatment. Thinking of you x


KarenF, Mike75, Murphy,
So sorry for your losses and thank-you for your comments. :two_hearts:

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@Rita2 Our thoughts will be with you. You will not be alone. XX

I have a neighbor, 92 she takes these shots. the shots help so that her eye does not deteriorate further saving the sight she has left. so they should help.

does your govt. provide for a carer to come and spend time with you or therapist, counselors.

though my counselors were not my friends they helped me a lot. a social group? Samaritans also take calls. I lost my mom and dad and as an only child, must work hard to maintain other relationships … my only family too lives in another country.

what about an old cat for comfort? :purple_heart:

@Rita2 Thinking of you today. Hope your appointment goes well.

That’s so kind of you! Thank-you very much! Mike75 x

@Rita2 I hope everything goes well for you today. Take care.X

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@Rita2 Hope it went well for you today. XX

Thank you for thinking of me! Xx

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@Rita2 Sometimes we need help even to take the smallest steps. Today was a big one for you. I am glad to help. I’m sure your partner Steve would have been pleased with you XX

You’re so right! I’m a very independent person and don’t like asking for help with anything. But I’m touched by how many people have shown they care and offered help. So I was very grateful to have a friend accompany me this morning. I’m just hoping my vision doesn’t deteriorate any further.
I hope you find comfort within your family. Having a new baby in the family must be such a tonic. Children can help us navigate through grieve journey. X


@Rita2 so pleased you did have a friend with you today and hope everything goes well with the treatment.
Hugs xxx

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@Rita2 Grandson born 3.53 am this morning. Extreme emotions of sadness my wife will not hold him and joy for my son and his wife.