Alone and no support

Since Mum and Dad passed A few months ago it has been very hard and during this, I have also been dealing with neighbours from hell. And not having mum and dad to turn to for help I am on my own dealing with this and my mental health has suffered . I am still grieving and this matter has added to a very difficult time when all you want is your mum and dad to turn to for help and they are not there the pain is never-ending.


Hello @kate88 - I am so sorry about your Mum and Dad - your loss is enormous and horrendous. It must be very hard for you right now. Is there anyone who can help you with the neighbours- the local council or other neighbours that might feel the same way? If you can find allies, that will help. You need time to grieve and find your way. We all understand here- the enormous absence in place of the loving presence of those we have lost. Take care, my friend and look for the helpers x

Dear Kate88

On behalf of the Sue Ryder community, welcome. I see you have already had one supportive message which is why this forum is such a good place to share your feelings.

Grief is all encompassing and experienced in so many ways. Losing both parents is awful and then to have other people making life difficult is not what you need. How do you think your parents would have handled what is going on? Can you take any of your experiences with them to help you sort things out in a reasonable way? They are not here sadly, but that influence you grew up with is always with you.

If you need help do reach out to Citizens advice, or other organisations who offer assistance. I don’t know what the issues are obviously, but keep going. See it as doing this for your parents, and hopefully someone will come forward to help.

Meanwhile my thoughts are with you.


oh honey! how odd because this is my situation EXACTLY.

being a lonely only child, I grieve my long married mom and dad as they were also my protectors.

and do you know, my neighbor, whom I thought was my friend, is really a sociopathic tyrant. we had our final argument and I know now, I used her to replace my emotional losses. at least, I woke up to this.

you are not alone in your sentiments nor your situation. for me, I am reading, Life Code, to learn to deal with the swine that do exist on this planet.

you need strength and fortification. now, hold your head up, know you are a good person, think of how your mom and dad would advise you, and break off the friendship but remain a polite and civil neighbor. a neighbor a quiet polite non-noisy person and that is all that you are obliged to be.