Does anyone else feel like this?
Feel so alone nobody understands?
Feel i dont get acknowleged by my dsdd fsmily?
Nobody thinks to include you ask ur opinin

Hi, yes a lot of us feel the same, when you lose someone, nobody really can understand how you feel. It makes you feel so alone. But by sharing thoughts and feelings On this site makes us realise we’re not alone
Steph x

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I have so many regrets
And it hurts so much
Cant talk to famiky besises they expecy you just xarry on as normsal.
I used to have a life carer home work used hVe 1 or 2 friends
Everything chsnfed so much uou fe trappoed isolared alone.
My mother in law dief recently
Husband then move back in with ud
Then caronavirus csme then my dsd that barely got chsnce to know explsin later
He died didnt even get chsnce say goodbye
Ive not had work passec month
Nobody ask how you are hoe you feel

The pain and guilt you feel is normal in grief.
It hurts so much and things keep going over and over in your head.
I understand people around you expect you to carry on as normal, I have felt that, I think they find it hard to say the right things so tend to ‘ignore’ the awkward talk . You have had a lot happen in a short space of time, everything’s such a shock.
Try and just think in this moment of time and not too far ahead x

Difficult as you have al lot of mixed emotions

Yes it is difficult.
Thinking of you x

Do you ever feel not included in decisions
Im sick of it
1st nobody acknodge how yoj might feel
Let slone everyone egnores you
Brother got emails sent over from my dads famy
Why dont they include me?
Some letters sends condolunces to my dads fsmy well his brother and brother inlaw.
Letters from variks peoplr
Havr so many regrets now its too late and ges gone
Just cant beleive hes not here
Hurts si much
So much has happenef short space of time

I’ve always felt included in decisons with my immediate family, but over the years in the past I have felt like that. It is a horrible feeling as you question ‘why, what have I done ‘ feeling like you’re not included in things is horrible , and you’ll be constantly going over in your head about it all.
And everyone has regrets in life, you just can’t let it eat you up as it will make you ill . I know it’s easier said than done , but in time hopefully you won’t feel like this so much x

Yes all the time. It feels like there life is carrying on and mine has stopped and I dnt no how to cope with that I hate waking up in the mornings to do the same thing think the same things it hurts so much it’s like none else cares

I can relate to this husband died 18 months ago I have a son who lives away and has a very stressful job so I don’t bother him with my problems so he thinks I’m doing ok…but I’m not… can’t see an end to this.

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