Hello ,I have lost both parents in the past 3 years 1st my dad in 2017 then my mum in april2020 ,this has broke me cause it was all sudden and I had to break into her home only find her ,i struggle so much with this an I havent really spoke to anyone about it until now

Hi Phillie, losing both parents suddenly is awful, but to have to break into the family home and find your Mum must have been dreadful, it’s not surprising that you are struggling, have you thought about having some counselling, Sue Ryder does provide bereavement counselling but there is a fairly long waiting list, it’s maybe something your GP could help with, do you have any family support, or are you on your own ? I do hope you find this site helpful as there are many people who have been through similar experiences, take care Jude xx

Hi, my dad died in March this year. He lived in the States. He also died alone and had to be found by police. I haven’t had your experience but there is still something so painful about imagining his ending, I’m not surprised you are traumatised by your experience. My mum died last year alone in the hospital, here in the UK. There’s something about losing both of them which makes it more than doubly worse— a sort of grief spiral— maybe you feel that too.
Thank you for posting, it’s hard to talk to people about this particular kind of ending.

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I am so sorry, Phil, a sudden death is very hard to bear, I hope that you will draw comfort in my belief that your parents are together again. :frowning: