Sometimes feel so alone thst family/friends don’t understand what your going through
Or that you should be fine
It’s bad enough Covid/restrictions & loss on top of that
Just feel emotional but overwhelmed🥲
Husband not been supportive over past year since lost my dad and mum in law and lost my job
These are all massive things well to me anyway
Bad atmosphere at home
Just don’t know how to tell husband might be thinking about separation etc
So hard as we live sane house we’re together 33 years
But can’t go on live like this
But scary thought my life without him would really miss him🥲 get this funny feeling inside ouldnt stop crying
Also Father’s Day coming up dreading it as can’t stop thinking about my Dad💔🥲
Difficult accept come to terms my Dad is gone
But nobody understands what I’m going through hurts so much
Sometimes write things down sometimes it helps
Or go walking along canal with my son
Carer to my grown up children
My life has changed so much over past year
Suppose part of me is gone too
Just want my old life back but can’t have it back

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Dear S47, it’s hard losing a parent, it doesn’t matter what age you are, life is never the same again, maybe your husband doesn’t know how to support you, I think you need to talk and tell him how you feel, you are maybe imagining things that are not there, and not knowing makes things so much worse, I’m pleased you are getting out in the fresh air, as nature is a great healer, hopefully other people on this site will be able to offer you better advice than me, sending hugs Jude xx