My mum died 9 weeks ago really suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s like I am the most alone I have ever felt - and I’ve been unfortunate enough to feel alone quite often, but my mum was always at the end of the phone. Now, there is no one. I’m trying to keep my family going, being a full time carer for my son, supportive to my husband and being a help to my dad. But, there is so much giving out that I’m beginning to feel empty. Like most other parent-carers of a disabled child, friendships are tricky so I dont have a large support network. I dont have any support network. I know logically that this is a normal stage of grief but practically and emotionally, I am struggling with it. I am sorry for the long post, I think I just needed someone else in this big lonely old world to know how I was feeling and you, dear stranger are just that.


Does your Child have a learning disability, if so I wonder if there is a Mencap in your area. Some can be helpful with advice, and with parents group. It is just a thought, as bringing up disabled children my self.But then I had my parents living near by,but it was still hard. Take any help you are offered , you deserve it . I have learnt don’t say no just say I will think about it . Thinking of you🙏