Always in the back of my mind

My grief comes in waves. I had a dream about my sweet dog last night and now I am worried about losing him too. My sister is the one that’s sick. Could use some words of encouragement/love. I am in uni in the U.S. Thank you



Hey Lauren,

Sorry to hear your sister is ill :frowning:

I do think your dream of you losing your dog could just be fear of potentially losing something else you love and the fact you can’t control what is going on in your life just now. Could be way off the mark but that’s my opinion x

Sending a big hug to you as you sound like you need it just now.

Take you of yourself and relax as much as you can

Suzanne x

Hello, yes I agree with Suzanne regarding your dream. You say you are at uni in USA does that mean you live in the US or just attending uni? Sending blessings to both you and your sister. Take care S xx

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Hello Susie!
I live in the U.S and am attending uni four hours away from where my family lives. Thank you for the support, it means a lot to me xx

This helped me a lot Suzanne, thank you. Thank you for the love.

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