Am I alone?


I lost my dad on the 10th January after diagnosis in July. My dad was not only my dad but my best friend, I talked about everything with him.

I was with him right until the end which helps as I was able to say goodbye something I know a lot can’t do so I do feel blessed. Even though I have family around me I still feel alone. My friends are losing their grandparents and I know no one who has lost their parent.

I can go through so many emotions which I know is part of the grieving process but doesn’t make it easier.

I’m hoping this group although one we all wouldn’t want to be apart of not only helps me but I hope I can help others.

I saw my dad at the chapel yesterday and I didn’t recognise him. We have the funeral next week and I hope that he gets the best send off as he like me is a massive perfectionist.

I’m not sure what I believe in the afterlife but I hope he is waiting for me with a big bear hug I always got from him.

To everyone in this group thanks for listening, and to my dad, sleep well, the angels and your mother is with you now xxx

Hi Ange im very sorry for your loss .Your heading am i alone ? the answer is definitely no .I lost my darling wife but there are plenty of lovely people on here who have lost parent or parents im sure someone will contact you soon .Lastly welcome to our special club stay in touch on here .Theres no such thing as moaning or ranting about your nightmare Colin (57)

Hi Ange

As Colin says, not alone. We are all in this club together. Like you i was with both my Dad and Mum at the end, a privilege not everyone has.

Keep coming back here if you need people to talk to, always a sympathetic person around i have found.


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Hi Ange you are definitely not alone. I like you lost my unbelievably gorgeous Dad, he was my best freind in the world and I told him everything and he would be the one I went to if I was upset about anything or if I needed advice. He was and still is my ‘hero’! He was diagnosed in the March of 2014 after not feeling too good and tired. 3 weeks later I lost the love of my life. He was so active and at 78 years old it was the first time he had ever been ill or in hospital. I honestly thought my heart wouldn’t carry on it was broken, shattered. I have my own family, a husband, 2 grown up children and 2 grandchildren and I actually think they lost their “mother” , me at the same time as I still will not accept my Dad is no longer here. My mum is strong and my 2 brother’s are coping as best they can. My younger one, who is 40 want everywhere with my dad they too were best friends. We all have our own families but the pain of grieving and the tears still come. My life is never going to be the same as it was but I think somehow you get the strength from within to carry on, please don’t ask how because I honestly don’t know. You may find your freinds don’t really bother with you no more because you don’t want to go out or see them so they just give up asking. I’ve no advice really to give you and I’m sorry but please please if you need a chat then I’m here for you, privately if you like. I’m sending love and hugs to you and you must never think you are on your own.
Here for you

Hi Colin,

I’m so sorry to here about your wife. Im sure you underatand that sometimes I feel incredibly down and lost but then other times I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a such a special person in my life.

Thank you for welcoming me to your special club. It truly helps and brings me comfort.


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Hi Julia,

Thank you for your kind words. It makes me feel that there are people out there that have been in a similar situation. It’s very hard going through all these emotions. I don’t always think my partner understands what to do but sometimes all you need is a cuddle.

Not sure about you but I went through the anger stages, why him, why me but that doesn’t make you feel better. I have put a lot of time into work but not sure if that’s healthy as I’m probably not facing anything head on.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. It does sound like you have a wonderful family and ones who also have this hole in their heart and who no one else can fill.

I find great comfort talking to him. If I would have told myself I talk to him 7 months ago Im sure i would have been taken away.

Thank you for letting me into your life and understanding your story.

Love and hugs from Yorkshire. Always here. Xx

Hi Ange theres no right way or wrong way to grieve everybody is different i.e i cant look at photos some people can .Ialso am on medication some people wont go down that route .Do whats best for you .you also need some me time to let your brain and body re charge for when you re enter your nightmare .Theres also Cruse (i got them through GP) and the samaritians i do all 3 .I an oa lot of others on here dont mind private messages (im a fellow yorkshire man so writing things people will understand me lol) Well ill go to foot of our stairs for example Try to laugh i do (and if you have a dog please its not a whippet ? lmao ) keep coming here definitely Big Yorkshire hug Colin

Aww they are all lovely comments and because I lost my husband four weeks ago it still feels like a nightmare I cant wake up from. Just seeing his jumper or jeans can start me off crying. I cannot watch programmes we used to watch or listen to music or read the cards or anything. I am on medication because I have had no sleep at all and I am walking around like a zombie. Yes I will smile again, but like everyone else, I will never ever forget my loved one. Not a day didnt go by that I didnt think of my Nan but now that changed to the hubbie. We all have to muddle through as best we can but its nice to know that I am not going mad. Life is very cruel and I will use everything I can find to help me which will also help my hubbie feel better (in spirit).

I talk to Phil all the time because I just want to make sure he is listening to me.

My thoughts are with you all.

Hi I know how you feel I have just lost my mam she was my best friend I feel so alone people say with time it get easier at the minute I can see that it will I was with her at the end which I was glad about I just feel now that no one is bothered about me hope everything goes OK for you Colette xx

i lost my Dad on the same date as you lost yours…
My Dad had a triple bypass in August…he suffered several complications post-op and didn’t recover.
i live in the UK and he was in Malaysia. I went back twice to be with him…and a week after i came back to the UK he passed away.
i wasn’t there when he passed away and i missed his funeral…
i cry pretty much everyday
but i’ve found this group and i feel like it’s helping…and i hope you will too