Am I being ridiculous?

I am my husband’s third wife, I had no problem with his first wife but have always had an irrational jealousy about his second wife. It didn’t happen straightaway but there was always a closeness there ( they did have two children together). Today I was going through his old mobile phones and on list of contacts was his ex wife under his name, she had since married someone else. I know it’s stupid, he loved me but I am feeling so upset about it.

Dear @Camembert

It is not stupid but understandable you would be upset as you are still grieving from the sad passing of your husband.

I would accept the reason his ex wife is still in his contact list is because they had 2 children together and that he was still part of their lives.

Please do not be upset but I would put this down to your husband being a good man and father to his children by getting on with his ex wife amicably. It is healthier for the children when parents get on after they have divorced.

The ex wife has re-married and you married a wonderful man who thought about his children after the divorce by being a good father so as not to disrupt their lives.

Please take care and continue to reach out.