Am I over reacting

Hi Lost my wife 7 months ago and I am on this horrible long long journey of Grieving, I have had a few signs from Hilary which are much appreciated and I have also read about other strange signs that people have had, but the last couple of days I have had a couple of strange things happen to me but I am wondering if I am over reacting, these are as follows.

My sister and her family go away tomorrow and she texted me this morning to say thanks for the message, but I hadn’t sent her a message, but when I looked back on my phone there was a message sent to her at 7.14 am this morning just saying “By” I hadn’t got my phone with me at that time, and I live on my own.

Yesterday I received a package to Mick Pagett (Only people who know me call me Mick) but inside was a brand new Ladies T Shirt size 20 which there is no way I would have ordered this, there was no delivery note inside it or attached to it.
Like I said its got me thinking or I am totally over reacting. Take Care Mickere x


Hi . That is very strange , I don’t think you are over reacting but understand how you must feel . If there is no explanation , then you must just believe what you feel . This heartbreak and sadness and loneliness is absolutely awfull . The one person that can make us feel alive again has been taken so cruelly away from us . And left us with this unwanted life without them . Thinking of you . Xtake carex

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I don’t think your overreacting at all . I lost the love of my life April 21 and since that day I have definitely had unexplainable things even now . I am grateful for it and know that he never wants to leave my side . You should too not everyone experiences this so don’t think your overreacting.
Take care hugs to you

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Thank You for your reassuring words, they mean so much .Take Care Mickere x


Hi Mickere,

You are absolutely not over reacting. I have had some strange things happen that I cannot explain and I’m sure it is my mark sending me messages. For one, I went downstairs and the lights he had in the conservatory around his computer were on, then last week, we have a log burner, the door to it was open, no way could it have opened itself but I haven’t cleaned it since last using it earlier this year and I think he was telling me to clean it. You think your going mad but I know for sure if mark could send me any sign at all then he would
Take care Mickere, love Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your reply, its reassuring when you hear of others experiencing strange things, and that you are not losing it, and its even more comforting to think that our partners are staying close to us.
I have had similar to you with lights being on around the house when I am sure I had turned them off, also I had a clock fall of the wall which was above a new photo I had just put up on the breakfast bar of Hilary, not sure if that was telling me she liked or disliked her photo, when I talk to Hilary’s photo (Which is at least twice a day) I tell her she can do anything she likes to me around the house, because then I know she is still around me, which gives me great comfort, Take Care Mickere x

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I had been upstairs yesterday afternoon - all was normal.
When I went up at bedtime the loft hatch was open!
Quickly closed it , then I Thot I might have just locked someone up there!!
Freaky or what , none of the family have been up there in six months.

G. X

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