Am i wrong

Am i wrong. I brought dad home from the crematorium on Monday 15.4. And are putting him in with my mum his wife even thow 2 of my sister don’t want to know and have him put in with mum i as the oldest and only son maid the destination it it wrong all i want is him laid to rest with the women he was married to for over 46 years the hol thing is making me ill all i do is cry

I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad, @Andy59. If this is what he wanted, it sounds like you’re honouring his wishes, and I hope that can be of comfort to you right now. It can be so hard when this all falls on your shoulders, so please do be gentle with yourself.

I’m sure one of our members will be along to share their thoughts, too - I just wanted to you know you’ve been heard.