Well I was doing better than usual before today. My darling wife temporarily separated from me on 27th May, 2022 at 01:14.

Today I found some texts on her phone when she had just started cyber knife surgery on her brain cancer in January 2022 that had spread there but they seemed optimistic and our hopes were high.

I heard the excitement in her “voice” and mine as we typed to each other as I waited in another room as they prepared her than she had the treatment we had such high hopes for.

This was just 2 1/2 months earlier (21st October, 2021) being told the lung cancer nodule surgery was successful and the CT scan showed it was clear. Then in December 2021 she had a major tonic seizure where we were told a PET showed it was now in both lungs, spine and metatised in her brain.

She had just 1 treatment of immunotherapy before being told on her own they never called for to be there

It had spread
There was nothing they could do
They were stopping all treatment
She was being sent home for home hospice care leading onto end of life care,

Then cruelly it all accelerated and my love was no longer by my side.

How can just reading a few texts bring it all back so vividly, so much pain out the blue, that has lasted most of today and leaving me in emotional pain & tears as if it was yesterday?

Why am I repeating all this? Why is it seeming like yesterday and so raw again? I’m supposed to be slowly getting better but this pain is awful.

God I still trust in you but it’s so painful right now, please bring me peace and everyone else hurting here.

Shalom john (and marian) :pray:t2::blue_heart:

Mizpah my beloved xXx


I can completely understand why reading those brought everything back so vividly. It sounds as if you went through so much together and the loss and what your darling wife suffered became all the more clear again.
Sending you my love and prayers.


I am so sorry my friend ,this is also how it is with me ,lost my darling wife Judith to that evil disease.Hate it hate it.I am not getting better either,the pain of grief will always be with me. Michael xx


Thank you Michael,

It really is an obnoxious disease.

Mind you anything that separates us from our loved ones is obnoxious.

I’m told the pain eases over time even though we will never get over them as live is eternal and never dies.

I’ve just been assessed to have help with ptsd from when she had a full tonic seizure in front of me that flashes vividly causing pain also.

Keeping you & all who grieve in here in my prayers.

Shalom & a gentle hug, john (and marian) :pray:t2::blue_heart:


Thank you Karen,

Looking back it started off good memories and then it sort of advalalanched to all the stages.

When the flash back occurs I know it’s going to take a while.

Keeping you also & all grieving in here in my prayers.

John (and marian) :pray:t2::blue_heart:


Thank you so much for your kind words.I also had ptsd after seeing and watching my darling pass away in front of me,I was holding her and whispering in her ear that I loved her very much. Michael x

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