an awful time of year

when missing loved ones, it seems this time of year is especially awful. it is supposed to be a lovely season but I feel very gloomy and sad missing these special family.

I wonder if others find it especially poignant.


Hi Berit,

I have only recently lost my father (15th November) but I am finding Christmas and particularly New Year very difficult. I just feel sad and although when I am busy I can be temporarily distracted as soon as I stop the sadness and fear is overwhelming. It will be dads birthday in Jan and then mums and mine in Feb. I don’t think I will ever enjoy this time of year.

Throughout his life used to say that the Christmas period doesn’t account for people who are lonely and grieving. Its true. think i will have to find a way to get through it each year maybe by helping somewhere I’m not sure.

Sending love. X


Describing Christmas and New Year after my loss, Sad, Lonely, Tearful, Exhausted, Hopeless and experiencing PTSD. This time of year used to be so happy and festive when my Sister and Mum were alive, later when Mum died my Sister and I carried on the traditions. Now they are both gone and the joy has left with them. Katherine86, my birthday is also in Feb. and I usually just work to distract myself. But like you say, the grief rises up again as soon as I stop and am driving home Yes Berit it is awful, everything changes when we lose the most important people in our lives. The pressure to be happy and to celebrate makes it harder on us. I wish you and everyone on this forum at least some peaceful moments as we move into the new year. Xxx

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thanks for writing. makes me feel less alone.

I am happy for the new year, new resolutions, new plan, new, new, new.

old times have been painful. :star_struck:

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but some old is sweet … perhaps bittersweet but memories are dear. nonetheless, hoping for a better one next year.