An encouraging word

I was just having sad terrible thoughts about my lost loved ones and I realized: they would NOT want to be remembered this way!

Then I started having the wonderful recalls and how bright and kind they were and how much I loved them and what a great time we had together.

I left instantly better. Try not to mourn to the degree that you bring down their legacy, too.
Grief can bring everything asunder … but how is that a way to honor anyone?


How very true Beret and thankyou for such a nice sentiment. I hope it will give those that are struggling new hope and their memories will be able to make them smile in time. Such a good thing to try and practice on those ‘bad’ days.


Definitely true. My husband died suddenly 10 months ago, at first it was very difficult, I was in denial. I thought that if I didn’t think about him then it wasn’t real, it was all a nightmare and I would wake up. I’d be driving along and a song he particularly liked would come on the radio and I would be driving along crying. I wanted him back. Slowly I am remembering things he said and did that would make me laugh and smile. It’s still early days but I’m beginning to accept it. I can’t bring him back but can begin to remember what we had.

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please do. otherwise it is all for naught.

(after the grief period of course.)

best to you.