And Breath!

So , yesterday I got a phone call telling me my no so beloved brother in law had been calling me fit to burn to anyone who will listen! Need this like a whole in the head! Me being me rang him and confronted him about it, he denied everything!!! I have blocked his number and will leave him to the legal team who are dealing with my husbands estate ! Just so very very sad that it has come to this however he was never there for his brother and I think he feels he can bully me, sorry picked on the wrong person ! :disappointed:

Yes.MrsT1. There comes a time when enough is enough. We can be kind and considerate to everyone, and so we should, but there are some who never learn. The last thing we want is a load of hassle from really nasty people. Good for you, No one should allow themselves to be bullied into anything. Advantage will often be taken when we are distressed, and there is no excuse for this behaviour.
Take care. John.

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Hi John, thank you x I just feel so sad that it had come to this . However I really have enough on my plate atm! This may sound harsh however I can’t wait til this is all sorted and I can move on and grieve for my beloved Dave without worrying about other people and what they think ! Take care , Louise x

HI there MrsT. I agree with you, it’s absolutely horrid when family have to be so unkind and grasping and I am so pleased that you are able to handle this situation, so many grieving people can’t do that and find themselves being bullied which is just not acceptable at a time of grief.
My husbands daughters took offense at something but I have no idea what it was. I had tried to contact them by phone and then wrote many letters, I even apologised just in case I had done something to offend them but it would have been nice to know what it was. I never got a reply from them so I wrote them out of my will and now forgotten them although it cost me many sleepless nights. I agree it is very, very sad but there is enough to cope with. I have heard so many cases like yours on this forum it seems to be a general trend for families to be abusive, greedy and offer no support.

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Just makes m feel sad :disappointed: My husband tried so hard to help his brother, to what ends!! X

Yes Pat. So sad that the milk of human kindness does not often extend to grief. I wonder if they realise the pain and upset they may cause? When it comes to plain greed after loss it is not just sad but really cruel. But it happens so often, especially if there are riches to be had. My mother’s family fell out over it at my grandfather’s funeral and never spoke to each other for years. Money may not be the root of all evil, but the want of it surely is! What worse emotional experience can there be when, after a loss, our friends and relatives cut us off over who gets what. Sad! John.

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Believe me we are not rich! And if I could trade all I have to have my husband back , I certainly would :disappointed: