'And for a moment or two, I feel peace'

I received the following in my inbox this morning. It’s taken from a blog written by Christina Rasmussen. Just reading it, for a moment or two, I felt peace.

I wake around 5:30am every morning.
Sometimes earlier.
It feels calm that early.
As if nothing is wrong.
Silence feels like a blanket.
As time goes by, I start hearing the birds chirping.
We have some Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers in our backyard.
They sing to each other every morning as if nothing is wrong.
And when the sun is rising, they sing louder.
My dogs go out to greet them.
I get my coffee made and join them as they run around the yard looking for squirrels.
And for a second or two, I feel peace.
Sipping my coffee.
It is my way of stopping time.
Even during a big battle, in the midst of tragedy, every soul must find its way to hear the birds.
Watching the sun rise.
Seeking the morning’s invisible blanket to soothe the scars and fresh wounds.
No matter the pain, we all have access to nature’s sounds, animal’s innocence and the sun’s bright smile.
The earlier I awake the longer I can hold on to the blanket.
It is almost as if we can access peace during that time, much easier.
If you have a garden or a backyard, step outside in the early morning.
If you live on a high rise, open the window.
If you have no yard, no window, find nature’s sounds on your phone and close your eyes to see the birds.
If you have been hurt physically or emotionally in the last few days, you need access to the morning’s blanket even more.
Do not underestimate earth’s ability to heal our wounds.
And animal’s innocence, to remind us of our own.
In times of darkness, we have to find our way to the light.
Today I wanted to remind you that you are surrounded by that light.
The early morning awaits to put a blanket around your heart.
Don’t miss it.

With blankets and birds chirping,



Kate.!!! Beautiful. So lovely and heartening. I said this in a recent post. Nature is all round us and it’s healing power is there for all. Thank you Kate. XX


Alas, not my words John, but worth sharing nevertheless. :blush:

Kate, Amazing an oh so true. I felt as if it had been written for me personally A feeling of peace by just reading it. I wake around 5.30, sometimes earlier and do go out in the garden every morning (except I don’t have the coffee). I water my plants and have a chat to them, open the greenhouse and find that moment of peace. I am a great believer and lover of nature, my dogs go out to greet the birds (little one will have his bark). Nature is out there for us, all around us waiting to embrace us to make us smile or help us through our tears, it offers so much and ask for so little. I hope more people will give it a try.
Thankyou for sharing it with us.

Pat xx


My garden and early mornings were my life saver 2years ago and have given me the same comfort blanket as lockdown was imposed a few days after my husbands anniversary.
Not everyone can draw that particular comfort blanket around them but in the early morning hours we can open our bedroom window, make that coffee, prop up in bed and feel the peace.
It’s been said many times, be kind to yourself :blue_heart:

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