And now there is one

…yes that was what my Richard died of, a heart blockage…

Sue.I drive but only locally.Mostly use buses and trains.And because I live in London I use my 60+Oyster card which is a blessing.Thanks for listening.It helps that there are like minded souls out there.x

I’m always here you don’t need to feel alone. It’s hard for others to understand if they aren’t in this situation. I have relied on my husband to drive us everywhere so shall have to take that first step to travelling by train or bus … but on my own… it seems so daunting but I have no choice if I want to go anywhere. Take care and thanksyoh too … Sue x

Well we were more concerned about the arthritis in his spine and the pain it was causing .Didn’t think for a moment that it was his heart until he had a pacemaker inserted?Everything went downhill after that.Mild chest infection,phumonia, heart attack, sepsis. Terrible.Heartbreaking.

My Richard had only just been told he needed a heart valve replacement but they could not do it until they corrected his anaemia, they had previously given him an iron infusion,previous to this he had been diagnosed with COPD, this was what we thought was his main concern apart from being type 2 diabetic…His heart valve problem they dropped this bombshell just before Christmas after doing various tests of the camera up and the camera down him, came as a complete shock to the pair of us…Yes all along we thought he was only dealing with COPD, little did we realise it was his heart all along…My Richard never made it to having his open heart surgery otherwise he might still be here now with me…this is will never know…just breaks my heart…


… my above message was meant for you…
Jackie…(( hug ))

We keep trying don’t we. I keep reminding myself that now -yes, right now - is what my life is about. Not the dead past, with all its pain and regret, not the unknowable future, but now, right now. Hard isn’t it? I don’t get it right that often, but when I do I am able to manage a little release into something like peace. I hope you may do so too.

My love and prayers go with you all.

Easier said than done … we have lost so much… 43 years of marriage to my soulmate, the loss of both our sons (we helped each other through it somehow) … it’s best to live in the here and now. It missi g their physical presence is so so hard. Having someone to share news with … good or bad … our grand daughter has us going to Oxford …, her dad,uncle and Gra dad would be so pleased for her …but there is only me.

Love to all here,Sue x

Good morning all.A terrible warm night which didn’t help with sleep.My husband also had type 2 diabetes. But that was all ok.I only wish he had more tests done .He wasn’t one to make a fuss and didn’t like a fuss made of him. It’s always what if what if?He was such a lovely man.It was all about us,home,family and making people welcome with his amazing cooking and hospitality. And your wine glass was always full.

Ok.So today have tried to keep myself occupied. Went and had some lunch with a neighbour, and then got in the car to just get out for a bit.Home now on my own again .Too hot todo anything.So missing David and the tears are coming again.I miss him coming in from the garden and talking to me.Just being here.Sharing everything with me.Its so lonely without him.x

Plucked up courage to look through last yrs Xmas cards to both of us.Hard .

My heart goes out to you. I lost my husband in June this year and the evenings are very lonely now, but I thank God for my lovely daughters and grandchildren. Without them my life would be really bleak. I hope you can find some sort of peace. Much love xxx

Thankyou for responding. I have three grandchildren … Mike is coming tomorrow to help me move done stuff he is 14. My grand daughter, Amber, is 18 a d going off to Oxford to study history 8th October abd my youngest is Lenny … he is 11. He comes over most weekends. Yes it’s hard really hard. Love from me to you, Sue x