Angel Wings. (Poem)

God gave to you those angel wings,
no more to suffer earthly things.
The hurt now gone, you smile again,
your body pure, not wracked with pain.

Your eyes can see, your ears can hear,
from darkness now, you have no fear.
Safe from all harm, in this cruel place,
all pain and suffering, no more to face.

From that place of beauty, filled with love,
you now look down from heaven above.
No more to feel the worlds unkind,
but remember still, those left behind.

Until that day we meet once more
will you wait for me at heaven’s door,
On that lovely day, you’ll hold my hand,
and by my side, will once more stand.


So lovely, brought tears to my eyes.

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Just beautiful @TonyM thankyou :heart: xxx

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Absolutely lovely, i am really filling up.

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