1st may 2017 - my worst day in my Life when I lost my best friend, best lover, best husband and best Dad to all our 5 children, best brother to our little sis Catherine and best son to Mom - my Hubby Keith.
After 18 month of being diagnosed with the rare and horrible Lung disease he gave up his fight this morning @ 6.15 in PEH, in my arms. Even if you deep down know that unavoidable will happen I can not describe how hard it is to loose the person you have loved the most, it’s actually hurts…Only now I fully understand the meaning of “sharing your grief” with the others as I do not think i would be able to pull through on my own! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DEARLY MY HUBBY, MY SWEETHEART, MY EVERYTHING !!!

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Hi angel, I’m so sorry for your loss, I understand exactly what you are going through, I lost my Shirl on 12 March, we had been together 36 years, I have no one else. I can’t give you any advice, but know I’m walking beside you with your pain. People have told me it gets better, but personally I can’t see how. All I can say is the only way I am coping is going through it hour by hour, or even minute by minute. Reading the other posts on here has helped me feel less alone and also more normal and not as if I’m going mad.

I’m here to talk any time, maybe we can help each other through this terrible terrible time. Hugs jac

Sorry to hear this Angel.
We are all in the same boat here, Know how your feeling, and it must be terribly tuff for your family too, as it was for mine. Stick together girl, talk and cry with your kids, and take baby steps, shout and scream if you want! it doesnt matter, like us, you have lost your loving partner, its a huge huge shock, and it will take time, lots of time. Talk out loud to him, smile through the tears, and cherish the happy memories you had together…We are all with you here.

Hi Angel, so so sorry - it is impossible in these early days without Keith to imagine how you will carry on bearing the pain and sadness. It is unbelievable right now and only you know how you will manage these feelings. John is right, keep talking about Keith with everyone who knows and loves him. I can say that sharing with others has helped me feel less lonely and supported. Trying to make very small changes in my day has been hard but what I’ve managed have helped me get through these 9 months of misery in a life I don’t want. I hope you have support and company, Be kind to yourself. Best wishes so so sorry xx

hi Jac, it is a strange feeling… reading other peoples stories and emotions they have gone through…I never thought I will be part of this… thank you for your kind words!

I’m so sorry Mark, it’s just we have been told he have 3 to 5 years but my darling went “down the hill” in less then 4 month… I know you never ready to face loved one’s death but it is so much harder when it’s happen so rapid… thank you for your kind words, you too take care!

Aaah John,just reading your reply made me extremely upset because it is exactly what I’m doing… talking to my Darling, crying, shouting and sobbing till i get tired… and then emptiness… only talking to my family and reading this forum I am able to pull myself together to do my daily tasks…Thank you for your kind words! Angel

Hi Billie, it is hard to be strong… even having the best family and friends around…lots of people saying " time is healer"… I really hope so! And it does help to be a part of this support community, I would never imagine i could share my emotions with complete strangers! Take care Billie, angel

Just remember girl, your not alone in what your going through, Its hell on earth i reckon. Ive photos of my Annie all over the place, and talk to her all the time, (if the neighbours could hear me, they`d think me quite mad!) But, i dont give a dam, were allowed to do whatever to make things just a little better. Take care…John

Hello everyone,I havn’t been on this site for a while I lost my lovely husband of 29 years in october 2016 he was 52 and died within 4 weeks of being diagnosed.I am sad to see there are so many new people on here but keep posting as this site will help you get through this awful time we all understand each other.I have cried like I’ve never cried before and scream and shout for him neighbours do here me and probably thing I’m family don’t live near by but say they can’t deal with me which hurts me even more, I’m grieving for the love of my life and don’t understand why they can’t be there for me and I think this is making me worse and more alone.I will shut up heart goes out to all you newbies as I still remember what it felt like in the early heart is broken as is yours at least we can share our grief on here together.take care everyone,I wish you all peace and tranquilty.

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yes John you are so right don’t let anyone confine us we have the right to let go in these so extreme circumstances. It is I hope the worst thing to experience ever and I can only hope be manageable in time as we get used to this awful unwanted life. There is no option so let us support each other in this painful experience best wishes xxxx

Hi Billie.
Yes, i believe in, if you don’t want to do it, don’t,… if you do, then do, there’s no rules. Luckily if one could call it that, my wife and me new she had not long, (MND) so planned ahead, what she wanted for her and me. Life has a weird way of pushing you on. And next Saturday my oldest daughters to get married, My wife Annie wanted it to go on, and for me to give my daughter away.Now that’s going to be a hard one…but, it has to be done, no doubt about it, there will be tears. I miss her dearly, but, i now thoroughly believe in the spiritual side, as since her passing, ive had many signs from her, signs to the good, which is a comfort. Best wishes…John

So sorry for your loss
I lost my partner suddenly on March 17th he was only In hospital 4 days he died from bacterial meningitis caused by an ear infection he had previously
Like all the other comments take your time grieve in your own way don’t think about the future just think about now iv still not accepted my mark is gone and it’s been 8 weeks I cry every day but having all my lovely photos help me iv got them all around
Take care

Your words make me cry and smile the same time (the neighbours part…), take care guys! angel

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Reading all these comments gives me piece of mind, the dreadful pain within I’m feeling is shared by so many other people. I lost my husband of 40 years to cancer at the beginning of April. I’ve spent hours crying and hate going to bed at night time. I’m making myself go out now but it’s hard, I keep saying to myself I must be strong if I’m going to have some sort of life for possibly 20 years or more. I do have a strong faith and pray when things get tough.
My prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones. KATY

Hello I am so sorry. I see it’s early days for you too. I lost my partner of 18 years on the 3rd May from cancer. I spend especially since of the evening searching through his pockets of his clothes for notes etc. Pm anytime

Hi your message made me cry and so sad. I’m a newbie and lost me Steve on the 7th of May. So suddenly Aged 58 It has totally destroyed me, most days i don’t get out of bed. He was my soulmate, my best friend. I don’t think I could have got through the past 4 weeks without the support of my family. I have not spent one night alone I am so grateful for that. It just broke my heart to think you are so alone with no family support. You will get help from the kind people on this site. We are all going through the same traumatic loss . take care x