Anger and bitterness

Good evening fellow sufferers

Am sat here feeling lonely so thought I would come to the place that never closes - this forum. I also want to talk about anger and bitterness.

I know that anger, bitterness and resentfulness is one of the emotions that can occur as part of the grieving process and is normal but I was wondering how some of you deal with this. I feel I am getting more and more angry and bitter as time is going on. I have been rude to some people and feel aggressive inside which I do not like in myself. I really am starting to lose people because of my manner. Because I feel this way, I now prefer to be alone (even though I feel lonely) as I just feel i cannot control my temper and feel worried about controlling it, especially when I am with couples and people with families. I don’t have any close family anymore and when people talk about their husbands/partners/family, I just get so agitated inside and want to scream out “shut up”! I am jealous of them and don’t like myself for feeling that way as other people cannot help having families and husbands/partners etc. I know I was always talking about Dave when he was alive.

I have punched into a pillow which did help but would appreciate any other forms of anger relief that any of you do.

I can relate to how you feel. Being with couples can be hard even though they mean well. I talk to my husband all the time. I keep his ashes on our bed. Think weekends are often worse even when you have things planned and are busy. I often scream when I am in the car on my own as well as punching the pillow. Perhaps we should buy a punchbag. Take care of yourself. They wouldn’t want us to be like this but it is so hard and I miss him so much. It is so hard to accept but that is some of last words my husband said to me. “You’ve got to accept it Jo”. Makes me want to howl. Sorry I’ve not helped. Xx.

Hi Karen,

I can relate to this, I don’t so much get angry at people but more at how I have been treated by life with the passing of Peggy. I’m the sort of person who moves the spiders to safety before hoovering up their webs and think why did we deserve this.

This time of year is so difficult. The Christmas decorations are now on the shelves and I see happy couples preparing for a happy Christmas.Even seeing families shopping for Halloween have caused a melt down. I dreading the kids knocking on door at the end of the month.

Tomorrows,after 3 weeks off I return to work. I’m dreading it. People mean well but there are so many times you can answer the same question.

The medication from the doctor helps. I just only take it before going to bed because I’m worried about possible dependency issues. I certainly takes the edge away.

A good work out in the gym also works, and I mean one that leaves you completely exhausted. It also works for my son who has just started his final year at university and is struggling with the work load. He claims it has stopped him blowing a fuse at a couple of lecturers over the past week, one of whom gave him stick for missing a day of lectures to attend his mum’s funeral.

Take Care