Anger towards my dying mother

My dad died July 2010, his passing was unexpected but I found peace and acceptance in the situation. He was my safe person, offered unconditional love and supportive in the things I did.
My mum is expected to pass soon with COPD and we have been told prepare things. She has refused all treatments, has a DNR order and expects miracles and she will be better soon. She is not at peace with her situation. She is stubborn and acting unreasonably, to the point she is unsafe to others and her self.
I feel so angry, there are so many conflicting emotions & feelings. My memories surrounding my mum are difficult and complex.
I have reached out to this group to ask for advice. (The first time I feel I need help with my mental well being) I am a mentor & used to offering help & guidance to others. I find it difficult to see solutions for myself but I know the emotions & feelings I have are not healthy.
What would be this group’s suggestions?

its easy to give others advice but hard to do any of it for yourself think we are all the same.
No really advice but i suppose you have to accept your mums views of what treatment she wants, i can fully understand how you feel i would wamt my mum to continue with treatment etc and it may take you longer to grieve as you have to avcept this before you accept she has died if that makes sense.

Thank you for your reply,
I have come to the conclusion that I am going to seek some counselling to try and understand what I’m feeling and experiencing.