Hi. The awful milestone of 10 years has recently passed since my son was killed in a car crash that he wasn’t driving in. He leaves behind two younger siblings, now successful adults.

I was telling my story recently and was told that I had to let go of my anger. I replied why do I? The washing, ironing etc still gets done, I helped my children get through gcse, sixth form, university (1st class honours), so why do people want me to not be angry that my son died?

Am I the only one surviving with internal anger?

Let me know if you still feel angry…

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Hi harrysmum. My boy died in a car crash 7 years ago. I’ve never felt angry . For the first 3 or4 years I had terrible guilt. Don’t know why I felt guilt there’s was nothing I could of done that would have stopped him from dying. But I do know a couple of people who are 5 and 6 years on from loosing their children and they also feel angry. I asked one of them why they felt that way and they couldn’t give me an answer. So I think if you are angry and can’t let go then that’s just how you feel, I don’t think it’s for anyone to judge you or tell you what " you should do". You are fully entitled to feel how you feel. I think the time (10yrs) is irrelevant, your son isn’t coming back so you just are who you are
Take care.

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I lost my son in a motorcycle accident 23 months ago and I’m angry…
I’m angry with him, I feel guilt that I didn’t keep him safe, I want to clip his ear and hug him at the same time
I tell him I’m really cross with him but I tell him I miss him and love him so much

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I feel angry that he was taken from me. I feel angry that he had to go through the dying process on his own