When you are angry with everyone and everything how do you manage

Hi @Robin3. The solution is both easy and difficult. The problem with holding anger is that the only person to suffer because of it is us! Whoever or whatever we are angry at usually just goes on their merry way, not giving you a second thought.
The solution is to forgive, which is different from forget!
I’ve done it, because I was extremely angry at someone after my wife died, and I stewed about it for months, often thinking I’d like to find them and deck them!!!

I just kept reminding myself to forgive either that person (or fate) when I found myself stewing. It’s not easy, and it takes time, but the anger has just melted away.

I’m the winner now!!! I still remember, but it doesn’t hurt any more.

During some therapy, the therapist said to me " Just because someone keeps hitting you over the head with a knobbly stick, why do you insist on picking up the stick and keep hitting yourself over your head as well? Best thing is to break it over your knee and throw it on the fire and keep warm". I’ve never forgotten that!!


Tbh I’ve distanced myself from alot of people and tend to only be around the very few that aren’t relentlessly piss!ng me off!


Me too Nori, that’s why I hardly see anyone…it’s easier. Been thinking of you xx


So so so angry and feeling sad

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Hello @Robin3 ,

Not sure if I am able reply you correctly, however would like to say , when our heart very badly broken n it’s completely empty, our heart and mind constantly fight to get those answers which we do not have to our problems creating bitterness all around us.

So, if we make peace with ourselves half of the anger goes away.

Hope my answer is little helpful.

Oh goodness I know too well what the grief anger is like, I have been that way for a long time now and it actually scares me how angry I can get, sometimes it feels like the only way to get rid of it is to lash out which is no good for anyone!

Like @tykey said we must learn to forgive in order to heal ourselves! but it is easier said than done. I am trying to look at it that way because it is soooo true that it’s us that is affected by rage where as the person that has angered us goes on their merry way!

Hi @Jess1 . Yes, easier said than done, but its like a ball rolling down a hill, in that once it starts it gathers pace until it’s out of sight and becomes insignificant.
It also helps if we never lose sight of the difference between forgiving and forgetting. We dont have to forget to forgive. I dont think we really forget, but it doesnt hurt if we have already forgiven.

Its so unfair