Angry and lost

Well finally I decided to talk to you. I lost my husband in may. He was the best I could of ever wish for. An amazing father to. Everyone is missing him. I’m not liking the fact that hes gone.

I am in a similar situation to you. My wonderful husband died in June. It is so hard to carry on and I don’t have any definite answers as to how. The advice on this site is to take each hour at a time, get through it then keep doing that. Eventually, it will get easier, they say. I am hoping they are right!
I have found this site to be a real help, and have made a good friend on here and we support one another.
Please keep going. It is what your loved one would have wished you to do. Sending a virtual hug x

Welcome jbax. It takes courage to come onto a website such as this. I too hesitated at first because I was told by well meaning friends that it would only depress me. On the contrary, it did the opposite. I have met so many lovely kind and understanding folk on here. You are in good hands because we all know what grief is like. Take it easy, well as easy as you can, What you are going through is a life trauma, and one of the worst experiences any human can go through. I can assure you it does ease if only a little. I take comfort in the fact that my wife would not want me to be miserable. She was a cheerful person and would be sad if I was sad. We can never ever forget, that’s not possible, but we can ride with the punches that life dishes out. Be kind to yourself and give it time. Try not to fight your emotions. Let them come. Grief is a process, and the release of emotions plays a big part in some little relief.
Come back and talk to us if you feel the need. Blessings. John.


Thank you. I just dont like the person it has made me. I’m getting where I’m becoming ratty with myself never mind anyone else.
He truly was an amazing person and I get angry why the world takes the best 1st. The night I met him I knew he’d ne the love of my life. I have some amazing memories with him. He went through alot. Years of MS to. That never stopped him doing all the things he loved to do. Then cancer came and took him away.
I’ve been pushing people away.

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Hi Jbax , I’m very sorry for your loss, I lost my beautiful fiancé in April and I miss him terribly every day and I am so angry how it happened so I know a little bit of how you feel and I understand MS to I have RRMS so I totally understand how difficult he must have had it, I am coming up to almost 6mths without him and I don’t know how I have gone on this long without him, so I really hope you are having more easier days without him as no day is easy with loss so take care and hopefully chat again xx

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Many thanks Honeyb. I’m sorry for your loss. You must certainly be feeling like me. I dont know about you but you feel like you cant open up to people your close to. People around you sometimes think you should be moving on.
Thanks once more.

Hey JBax, I totally agree I think people just move on without us to a certain extent, but if your anything like me, I just can’t do that it’s way too early it’s like it’s only been 6 mths and I’m not ready plus I don’t want to not miss him anymore, I already worry about forgetting him, although I have pictures everywhere I worry I’m forgetting his voice or how it feels to have his arms around me, I just miss him xxx

Hi Honeybee
I certainly don’t think you’ll ever, ever forget him. It’s certainly is still fresh to us both. I know I’ll never forget him I’m just still expecting to walk through the door. I’ve still got his wardrobe full of his clothes and everything of his.
Many thanks again

Hi. Jbax. Anger is a perfectly normal emotion in grief. I doubt if anyone here has not felt angry at what has happened. The ‘whys’ come thick and fast. ‘Why him or her’? What did they ever do to deserve this’? These questions are unanswerable. We will know one day for sure, but at the moment asking such questions and not getting answers can lead to despair. Despair is a debilitating emotion and the old saying comes to mind. ‘When in a hole stop digging’. None of this is easy. No way! But time and the right attitude can help. As Shakespeare said, ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’. We pay the price for our love in our grief. This is no easy matter, God knows!
Blessings. John.


Many thanks Johnathan. The words of Shakespeare is true. I keep knowing I was very lucky to spend my time with him. He gave me the best time ever. I’m not liking they take the best 1st.
Thanks once again