Angry at everything

I have been really angry the last couple of days have been really bad. Is this normal? because my temper has always been bad but this is different . I have never felt anger like this before. I am worried all this anger is giving me high blood pressure. I have had chest pain I have been grieving on my own my only support is this site and it has been the only place where I can come to when I cannot cope the last couple of days have been really difficult. I am trying, went out today but seeing people laughing with their families made me feel more alone and angry missing my mum and dad so much . I can’t even call doctors now closed until next week has anybody else been dreading this very long bank holiday? I needed to get this out.

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I find weekends bad but bank holiday weekends are even worse. People out and about with their families. Only thing I have planned is going to my sisters on Sunday for a BBQ.
I read that anger is all part of the grief process. I think we feel all emotions sometimes all on the same day.
Take care of yourself xx

Hi Kate, I can really relate to your feelings of anger, although I lost my mum a long time ago, I still experience these feelings, but I think if your loss was recent, it’s even more unsurprising. This long weekend has been particularly difficult for a lot of us. Well done for going out, even though it was hard. I have found that antidepressants have helped me with my anger, and also taking the pill, because it was particularly bad during my period. Also counselling, writing about my feelings, cooking, being in community with people. It’s a weird one (and probably not right for you right now) but I actually found doing a stand-up comedy course helped! Sending love to you.

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I hope you have managed to get an appt? The doctor may offer leaflets or suggest counselling.
Anger is only one emotion we go thru and can strike at any time.
I felt I was getting a real old grump for a while along with being irrational.
Trying to explain to others is hard because they don’t fully understand but try to accept it’s par for the course.
I hated every minute of the jubilee weekend - everyone pretending they were happy ,:woozy_face::woozy_face:
G. X

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I hope you are having better days, anger is normal, my younger sister died nearly a year ago, the rage that is internal is awful, I feel myself screaming and screaming on the inside, putting on the fake act to the outside world that everything is OK when it’s far from that, angry how the world just continues, angry at how you can’t express yourself cause you see the lack of understanding in people’s eyes unless they have experienced true grief, we’ll get through it though, at some point x

So sorry about the loss of your sister. You have explained it well there. I lost my husband sept 21 and most people just think you should be ok now but obviously that is very much not the case. Like you say put on the fake act. Xx

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Anger strikes anytime & over anything!.

Unfortunately having a meltdown doesn’t solve the problem but bloody good at the time :woozy_face: :disappointed_relieved:
Sometimes you have to let the situation pass and learn to recognise the signs of what sets you off. Or avoid the persons who set you off.

No easy answer - all a learning curve.

G. Xx