Both my parents have been gone a year and a half now. Each day is a little easier but somedays I feel so angry, I know its stages of grief but it feels so strange. I’m not thinking of them when I’m angry I think I just generally get angry and everyone and everything, easily annoyed and I know that my parents passing is the core to this whether I’m thinking of them or not. I find it really hard on these days especially when I try to get out of it. Does anyone else ever feel like this?


Dear @Pat3

It is perfectly normal to feel like this. My father passed away 17 years ago and I was very angry on and off for the first few years. If it helps, the anger does settle down as you begin to accept your loved ones are no longer here. Grief has no time limits, so please be gentle on yourself. It is ok to get angry, scream and shout.

As time goes by your anger will in time subside without you realising it.

Please continue to reach out and take care.



It might help to channel your anger into something so for example I’m writing an article on my topic for a charity…it doesn’t have to be that, but I’m using that energy to do some good.

Most importantly keep reaching out as Pepsi says.

Hugs :hugs:


Pat what you are feeling is totally normal. I am not a angry person by nature, but after loosing my mom a year ago and my dad 5 weeks ago, I have been feeling angry off and on myself
Coming on here helps immensely! Keep talking it out, and be kind to yourself!