I know how every one feels its hard I lost my partner of 24 years in June I had very dark mornings .but now I’ve realise I am never going to have the life I had .so try to think of all the blessings I had probably more than some
So try and live everyday hoping if he can look down at me I am making him proud .I join as many coffee mornings to meet up with new people and make friends. Who knows what the future holds. One day at a time anne

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I see your name is loveboxerdogs? My mum loved boxer dogs. Well we all do. My mums boxer us now living with my sister and her boxer dog and 2 kids. Been hard but she seems to be settling.

Lovely words and I’m sure he would be proud of you.

Nic xx

Hi yes I have had boxers dogs for 34 years it’s been hard as I lost my partner in June and lost my old boxer Xmas eve so my boy has also had it hard and it’s took us both time to adjust but we are getting there

I think that you and I are doing the same thing, Anne. It’s been longer for me - almost 15 months since John died and we were together for a similar length of time to you and your partner.
I keep going by thinking that he is looking down on me and I hope that I am making him proud by the way I am handling things since he died. I know that he was proud of me while he was here so hopefully that has continued.
I too am just starting to make new friends and go out for coffee mornings etc. It isn’t anywhere near the same as when John was here -and I miss him so very much every single second of every single day - but I know he would want me to do this.

Well done I’m sure he is very proud my partner didn’t need to mix outside family so I was left will no friends or anyone
To talk to and not wanting to unload to my kids .I am quite shy but left with no choice but to come out of my comfort zone thinking I can’t be the only one hence the coffee mornings and I do feel happy for 2 hours. I’m sure the world has plans for us so trying to be open and see what’s out there well done anne

Well done, to you too, Anne. I’m sure your partner would also be proud of you.

And yours and nicnic’s boxers are gorgeous.

He is a beautiful dog! We’ve had boxers all my life apart from we also had a black lab. She was lovely. Mums dog is the brindle. She seems to be starting to adjust to her new environment but it’s so different to the life she had with mum and it’s breaks my heart for her that she can’t see mum anymore. Also breaks my heart for mum as I know she wouldn’t of wanted to of left us or Betsy (that’s her dogs name) Me and my sister took them for a walk this morning where mum used to walk. I’m only 6 weeks into this life without mum so I did get a bit upset. Natural I suppose.
Thinking of you both xx